Terms & Conditions

1. Sales and Delivery

1.1 Delivery - Please refer to our Delivery FAQS

For issues with your delivery, please contact us immediately on contact@gosnells.co.uk so we can try to intervene on your behalf with our courier service.

1.2 Customer satisfaction - If you are dissatisfied with our performance in any way, please contact our customer services department immediately on contact@gosnells.co.uk.

At Gosnells, we aim to deal with all enquiries fairly, confidentially and quickly. We will always do our utmost to acknowledge your contact within 1 working day. We try to resolve most issues immediately, but where this is not possible, we will keep you informed about progress until a satisfactory resolution has been achieved. We are continually improving our service, but if you have any particular ideas or suggestions about how we can improve, please send them to: contact@gosnells.co.uk

1.3 Gift Vouchers – Gift Vouchers are delivered electronically. Whilst customers will be asked for a delivery address, customers will receive no physical item or product, but instead shall receive an email, sent to the email address on their account, with a printable gift voucher and code.

The voucher code assigned is unique and can only be used once, and is only redeemable online on gosnells.co.uk. It is the purchaser's responsibility to keep the code secret. Once the voucher code has been used (by you or another person) we will not be able to issue a new or replacement code.

Vouchers have no expiry date, but cannot be returned for a refund after purchase.

You don’t have to use the full value of any voucher when making a purchase. If you make an order, but do not use the full value assigned to the code then you can get a new voucher code for the remaining balance. Please email contact@gosnells.co.uk and you will be assigned a new voucher to use next time.

If you have numerous vouchers each with a small value, we will be happy to combine the vouchers and provide you with a new discount code.

The Voucher can’t be used with any other discount code, including percentage off discount codes.

Gift Vouchers may not be purchased with a discount code, or other offer. Gosnells reserves the right to cancel any purchase made of Gift Vouchers using a discount code

We're sorry but gift vouchers, due to their electronic nature are not accepted in the Gosnells Taproom.

2. Prices and payment

2.1 All prices are quoted in pounds sterling, and may be per bottle or per case, as marked. The prices include applicable Value Added Tax at the prevailing rate, unless otherwise specified. All delivery charges are additional.

2.2 We accept payment by all major credit cards.

2.3 Description and price of the goods - We make every effort to ensure that prices and descriptions of goods shown on our website are accurate at the time you place your order. The price of the goods will be as shown on the checkout page of our website when you placed your order, we will therefore charge you this amount. You must also pay a delivery charge for the goods as indicated on our website at the checkout page. In the unlikely event that the price shown on the checkout page is wrong, and we discover this before shipping your order, we are not required to sell the goods to you at the price shown. We always try and ensure that the prices of goods shown on our website are accurate, but occasionally genuine errors may occur. If we discover an error in the price of the goods that you have ordered we will let you know as soon as possible and give you the option of re-confirming your order at the correct price or cancelling it.

2.4 Errors in processing payment - If the payment is processed, but there is an error which results in Gosnells not receiving payment from the customer, Gosnells reserves the right to reprocess the payment at a later date. If this is not successful the customer will also be asked to pay on the site with an alternative payment method, and given a reasonable period of time to complete the payment - usually 14 days.

3. Age restriction

3.1 We won't sell products to anyone who isn't 18 years old or over. By placing an order you confirm that you are at least 18 years old.

3.2 If you are buying a case of products as a gift - the recipient must also be over 18 years old.

3.3 If our couriers are in any doubt about the age of the recipient on delivery, they will request some form of ID. If the person receiving the products is unable to produce appropriate ID, unfortunately our couriers will be unable to leave the products.

3.5 Once the products have been delivered, according to your original delivery instructions, it becomes your responsibility.

4. Security

4.1 We use a secure payment server with state-of-the-art encryption and secure socket layer (SSL) technology for the transfer of credit card information. Additionally, we have security measures in place to protect our customer database and access to this database is restricted internally.

4.2 It is your responsibility to protect your password from being disclosed to any third party.

5. Cancellations

5.1 You may cancel your order for any reason whatsoever at any time up to the date the producer ships the products. This applies for all orders except for subscriptions which have their own cancellation policy in section 1.6.

5.2 In order to cancel your order you must contact us immediately on contact@gosnells.co.uk. You may also write to us (time allowing) at ‘Gosnells Mead, Unit 2, Print Village, Chadwick Road, London, SE15 4PU’.

5.3 Where cancellation notice is received before dispatch, we shall reimburse the price of the products within 30 days from the date you notify us of the cancellation.

6. Returns

6.1 Shipping perishable and fragile items includes some inherent risk or breakage in transit, so please be patient if you are unlucky and our courier is unsuccessful in shipping your box safely. Our breakage rate is very low but if some or all of the bottles in a case are broken or spoiled when they are delivered you should notify us as soon as possible to allow us to assist in the most appropriate way. Accepting damaged parcels is recommended, in order for us to accurately determine with you the amount of damage and speed up any replacement deliveries.

6.2 You must notify us of all products which are at fault and due to be returned for any of the reasons stated in this clause within 5 working days from delivery of the products. You must contact our customer services department immediately on contact@gosnells.co.uk. Returns only for reasons as follows will be accepted: items broken on delivery, spoiled or out of date goods, misdescribed goods.

6.3 Before accepting a full return for the reasons listed above, we will try to rectify the problem with your order by issuing replacement items or alternative constituent parts. Or we may enact a partial refund for the specific items or parts which are at fault. In the situation of spoiled goods, we will need to arrange the return of the goods to the producer in order for them to confirm the problem and we will need them to verify that the goods are spoiled before we're able to issue the full refund to the customer.

6.4 Where a full return of an order is accepted due to the prescribed reasons in 6.2 you will be entitled to a full refund of the items and the original postage. Where we make arrangements to collect the goods, you must make them available to our courier in order to complete the return so we can then issue the refund.

6.5 Refunds will be made to the card used for purchase within 30 days of the returned items reaching the return location or partial refund being agreed.

6.6 Nothing in these Terms and Conditions will reduce your statutory rights relating to faulty or misdescribed goods. Further information about your rights is available from your Local Authority Trading Standards Department or Citizens Advice Bureau.

6.7 Customers must note that although we use specially designed courier safe packaging to minimise breakages, items may be subject to some distress in transit. As such, we cannot guarantee the condition of cans and bottles on arrival sufficiently that they will be pristine enough to satisfy a collector's needs. Some scratches on labels and minor denting on cans is to be expected and we will not be able to accept refunds for purely cosmetic reasons unless labels are unreadable and therefore the contents and product details are unclear.

6.8 Please contact us if you have a specific requirement regarding the cosmetic appearance of the bottle labels or cans in your order then we may be able to take extra precautions for you, but this does not constitute any guarantee from us.

6.9 We can make an exception to our returns policy for merchandise clothing orders which might not fit or are not as the customer hoped. If we are notified within 2 weeks of delivery that you wish to return the item and the item is then successfully returned in its original state to the producer who sent it out, we will issue a full refund for that part of the order. The customer must cover the return postage costs if the return is not for faulty or misdescribed items.

7. Intellectual Property Rights

7.1 You agree and acknowledge that we own or are licensed to use all copyright, database rights, trademarks and other intellectual property rights in and to all parts of this website, and to the business of gosnells.co.uk, the structure, design and layout of the web site, the styles of the products.

7.2 You are entitled to use our website in accordance with these Terms and Conditions only. You must obtain our prior written consent before you use our website or any part of it in any other manner.

7.3 Gosnells reserves the right to request that any person's, individual and corporate, providing hypertext or other links to the gosnells.co.uk web site, other than to our home page, from their own web site or from a third party's website, to remove the links immediately if Gosnells at its sole discretion deems them to be unacceptable.

8. Warranties

8.1 We warrant that the products will be of satisfactory quality and fit for their general purpose.

As taste is subjective, we cannot guarantee that all products will be to everyone's personal taste.

9. Limitation of liability

9.1 Nothing in these Terms and Conditions shall exclude Gosnells liability for personal injury or death caused by its negligence.

9.2 We will not be liable for any loss or damage caused by us or our employees or agents in circumstances where:

  1. loss or damage was not foreseeable to both parties when the contract was formed;
  2. loss or damage was not caused by any breach on the part of the supplier;

iii. loss or damage relates to business and/or non-consumers.

9.3 We will not be liable for loss or damage caused by the customer handling the products. In particular we will not be liable for spillages or breakages.

9.4 Customers should also be aware of the following inherent risks and warnings:

  1. Alcohol should be consumed in moderation. Please visit drinkaware.co.uk for advice concerning alcohol consumption.
  2. A case of our products can be heavy so extra care should be taken if lifting a Gosnells box. If you are concerned about the weight we advise that you transfer the bottles from the box 1 or 2 at a time.

iii. Some products may cause staining if spilt so extra care should be taken when pouring and opening.

  1. Sparkling products can be volatile due to the build up of gases. Extra care should be taken when opening these items.
  2. In the case of any visible damage on the outside of the box, please ensure you open carefully to check for broken items or glass. Take extra precautions if you have a damaged order when removing items.

10. Data Protection

10.1 By providing your details to Gosnells on our web site, you consent to Gosnells maintaining, recording, holding and using the information you give Gosnells at the time of ordering to process your orders, to improve our service to you and inform you of promotions. All data is collected lawfully and maintained in accordance with the prevailing Data Protection Laws for England and Wales.

10.2 Privacy Promise - we take your privacy very seriously and will not pass your details to any third party without your permission, other than where we have to do so to get your products to you and to verify your age, e.g. credit reference agencies, the producers and our delivery company. From time to time, Gosnells may send information about discounts, free stuff and personalised offers on certain products, unless you have unsubscribed from our mailing lists.

10.3 If you opt-out from hearing from gosnells.co.uk or third parties, you will only be contacted by gosnells.co.uk in relation to any purchases made on our site (e.g. order confirmation emails) or if our terms and conditions change significantly, but we promise to do so no more than three times per year.

10.4 If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy, please see the link at the bottom of all pages to our Privacy Policy or email us at contact@gosnells.co.uk

11. General

11.1 We shall not be liable for any delay in delivering your products if that delay or failure is caused by circumstances beyond our control such as, war, riot, civil commotion, malicious damage, compliance with any law or governmental order, rule, regulation or direction, fire, flood, storm or Act of God, failure of ISP or telecommunications provider in connection with the performance of this Agreement.

11.2 If a delivery is received in a damaged state, Gosnells accepts no responsibility for any injury or harm that this may cause to you, including but not limited to any injury from broken glass.

11.3 Gosnells may change or add to these terms and conditions for security, legal or regulatory reasons. We will not use this right to vary the terms of any special offer that applies to you.

11.4 No contract exists between you and us until we notify you that we have accepted your order and made arrangement to ship the goods. We are not obliged to accept your order.

11.5 Jurisdiction - the relevant courts of England and Wales will have exclusive jurisdiction to rule on any disputes or matters of contention regarding these terms and conditions. Here are our details should you want to contact us:


Gosnells Beverages Ltd. (gosnells.co.uk)

Gosnells Mead

Unit 2, Print Village

Chadwick Road


SE15 4PU

email: contact@gosnells.co.uk