Collection: Sparkling Nectars

WTF is a Sparkling Nectar?
Our Nectars are a little bit like Cider. They’re sparkling, alcoholic, gluten-free and come in lots of different flavours, like Wildflower and Hibiscus. We’ve even just released a limited-edition Spiced Clementine flavour.

Gosnells Nectars are made from amazing high-quality Honey instead of mass-produced fruit and they’re on the bar on draught, to drink in a pint, just like beer and cider is.

Yeh yeh we know what you’re thinking…'Honey alcohol? That's mead, right?' Well technically yes, but that’s not really our vibe. We’re not hella strong, overly sweet or from the dark ages. We’re doing it differently, so we came up with a new name, one that makes you think ‘Bees!’ not ‘Vikings!’ and we’ll be buzzing if you like it.

And no, they’re not that sweet, honey.