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Get to know us

  • Colourful

    Nothing about plants or insects is black and white, so neither are we. We pack a punch with our colour choices.

  • Ambitious

    We know mead is rogue, so we can be too! Watch out because we are changing the landscape of alcohol FOREVER!

  • Transparent

    We’ll tell you exactly what is in our product and where its from. We won’t boast or fluff things up cos although we love colour, we ain’t no peacocks.

  • Fun

    Looking out for the bees and the world is a bit of a task, so we like to lift the spirits of all. We have a laugh, maybe do some odd things in bright colours. Sure we are off kilter but hell, why not?!

Pints for Pollinators!

For every pint of Gosnells Wildflower Sold we give 5p to the Bumblebee Conservation Trust

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