The best plants for our bee friends with Muddy Trowel

The best plants for our bee friends with Muddy Trowel

There is still time this Autumn to support our bee and pollinator friends and help them prepare their food stores for the winter season ahead. Here at Muddy Trowel, we want to support Gosnells of London, in encouraging education surrounding pollinators, and bringing nature closer to our relationship with what we buy, and also what we eat and drink (mead!). 

Our top 5 recommendations of plants that will encourage pollinators in your garden are: 

1. Sedum 

These Autumn-flowering beauties are one of the hardiest plants around, and require little to no care, so they are perfect for pots or borders this Autumn. 

2. Coneflowers (aka Echineas) 

Coneflowers are staple of any Autumn garden, and their tall stems are a beacon for any pollinators that fly by. 

3. Chrysanthemum 

The beautiful yellow blooms continue with the Chrysanthemum, found in our ‘Autumn Sun’ collection, these flowers brighten even the dullest of days. 

4. ‘The Late Pollinator’ collection

Packed full rudbeckia, mint, lavender, and sedums - our late pollinating collection is a sensory explosion for both humans and pollinators alike. The bees will not get a better feast than this.

5. Rudbeckia

Featuring in ‘The Late Pollinator’ collection, the Rudbeckia is majestic in its own right, with golden blooms all the way until the first frost. 

We hope this offers some inspiration to keep the pollinators happy this Autumn, but also to make sure more mead can be made for many seasons to come! Fancy some of these plants? You can get 15% of Muddy Trowel’s plants on their website using the coupon code ‘gosnells15’.

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