Introducing our new look

Introducing our new look

We're really excited to announce the new look of Gosnells - we've been working on this for a while now so it's exciting to see it out in the wild!

Last summer we decided to have a bit of a long hard look at ourselves and where we were going and where we wanted to be. As we tossed around ideas amongst the team, one thing kept coming up, our visual identity and positioning weren't quite hitting the mark. We decided that it was time for a change, and an evolution of Gosnells from our humble origins, to our exciting tomorrow.

We started by going out and speaking to loads of customers about all things booze related, and specifically about Gosnells. We spoke to trade customers, from bottles shops, distributors, cocktail bars and pubs as well as our actual drinkers. We really wanted to understand who our drinker was and how we fitted into the eclectic London drinks scene.

After the summer was over we started in earnest looking at how we could take these new ideas about Gosnells and work them into an evolution of our brand. This is not something that we've taken lightly - we really wanted to take our time and get it right.

We're really proud of the work that we've done with our design partners, February, our illustrator Greg, and the countless others we've borrowed brain power from.

The key things I'd like to emphasise about the new brand;

We've always been incredibly proud of what we make at Gosnells, and now we have the gorgeous packaging to reflect what's in the bottle. 

We're stepping away from beer after all our drinkers are treating it like a wine, so now the packaging reflects this. We know that most people love sharing Gosnells, so our new 75cl format makes this easy to do.

If you have any more feedback get in touch with us!



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