Our Hive!

Welcome to the Hive...

...an idea created as a response to the lockdowns and a way to share our super-small batch experiments with our biggest fans. 

Each month, we create a new specialty mead that really wets everyones whistles and won’t be available to buy unless you are part of the exclusive Hive club. ( V.I.Bees…)

Each box comes with:

  • a note from our brewers Will and James about the product and it’s revolving ingredients
  • a 10% discount off the online shop
  • sometimes a little surprise - because we always like to keep things interesting.

Some of our previous flavours include:

  • Golden Honey Mead
  • Blackberry and Borage
  • Apricot Sour
  • Watermelon


2020-2021 Hive Subscription