Our Story

Welcome to the web garden of Gosnells, we are buzzing that you’re here. 

We are an independent, London-born drinks company, with our home in Peckham.

Some of our biggest fans like to call us “Prosecco of Peckham” which we will gladly take.

Our passion is creating delicious, unique drinks made with 100% natural honey, responsibly sourced from the finest suppliers across the globe.

We started out in näive Tom Gosnell’s tiny kitchen in 2014, and now we’re serving our modern version of the world’s oldest drink to customers all over the globe. 

Our drinks never contain added sugar, gluten, sulphites, artificial flavours or colourings. 

It’s all good.


Bee Kind 

As a small, independent team, we always try doing what we can to make the world a better place. We support sustainable biodiversity - essential for us to maintain the supply of the finest honey for our drinks. 

So, we aim to connect more people to nature and create more natural habitats & food sources for bees and other wild pollinators. 

We’ve created our own Mead Garden, to enrich biodiversity at our Peckham home and work with community groups to re-wild urban areas with nectar-rich flowers, shrubs and trees. 

We also make sustainable choices to protect our environment, reducing waste and recycling where possible to reduce our carbon footprint. 

We support paying all of our team members a London Living wage, and believe in operating In a fair, transparent way with all our partners, as we journey to B-Corp status.