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Gosnells of London

Gosnells Online brewing

Gosnells Online brewing

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We are excited to be bringing back our famous Mead Making Classes this Year, now taught online in your own home.

These 1-hour courses will be run by our very own mead makers James & Will, who will be stepping you through your first batch / next batch of mead answering questions, and helping you make great mead.

With this course, you get everything you need to start brewing sent to right your door including:  


x1 Glass jar containing a total of 1kg of Blossom Honey

x1 Plastic Fermentation Vessel (FV)

x1 Airlock and FV lid

x1 Sachet of Yeast

x1 Jar of white powder labelled DAP & TA

x1 A short length of tubing

x1 200g Jar of Honey with 2 Campden Tablets 

x1 Jar of non-rinse sanitizer powder 

x1 Multi-use honey bucket (this is what everything comes in)

The only things you will need to have is some hot/boiling water, a big spoon (not wooden) & a funnel. (We suggest a plastic bottle cut in half if you don't have one!) 

Then join us for a guided online video tutorial on how to make your mead from start to finish by one of our expert mead makers:


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