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Gosnells of London

The Essential Bundle

The Essential Bundle

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Introducing the essential Gosnells bundle, a perfect intro to what we do!

This collection features our complete sparkling Nectar range - five options for any occasion. Plus, our iconic Gosnells of London, a recipe honed since 2013, boasting a perfect balance from Orange Blossom honey, offering a light, crisp citrus taste ideal for festive celebrations.

What are Sparkling Nectars? Made from amazing high-quality Honey instead of mass-produced fruit, our Nectars are a little bit like Cider. They’re sparkling, alcoholic, gluten-free and come in lots of different flavours.

  • Wildflower Nectar: A refreshing blend of 45 plant species, light vibrant and sparkling. Enjoy it as is or in cocktails for a zesty twist.
  • Hopped Nectar: A fresh, balanced brew with floral elderflower tones and a dry, clean finish.
  • Citra Nectar: A complex blend of Blossom Honey, lemon, tarragon & hops, offering a tantalizing salty finish.
  • Hibiscus Nectar: Bursting with dried Hibiscus flowers, this blend delivers tart, jammy fruit notes followed by a dry, cranberry-like finish.
  • Sour Nectar: A labour of love, balancing sour and sweet for a moreish, well-rounded taste reminiscent of tangy candies with a hint of orange.

1 x 330ml can of Hopped Nectar 4% ABV
1 x 330ml can of Hibiscus Nectar 4% ABV
1 x 330ml can of Citra Sea Nectar 4% ABV
1 x 330ml can of Sour Nectar 4% ABV
4 x 440ml can of Wildflower Nectar 4% ABV
1 x 750ml bottle of Gosnells of London 5.5% ABV
1 x Gosnells pint glass

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